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What actually happens at Marriage Retreats?

by Shlomo & Rivka Slatkin / April 14, 2017

marriage retreats

You probably have a bunch of questions about what actually happens at marriage retreats.

You may be worried it's going to dredge up old feelings or old hurts and make things worse. (Possibly as marriage counseling may have made things worse for you in the past).

I want to get your Free Marriage Guide!

Because the entire goal of our marriage retreats is to give you a new relationship, we invite you to "park" your old relationship in the parking lot of our building and leaving it during the 2 days that we spend with you, so that you can walk out of there with a completely new relationship. Sound good? :)

It's so oriented towards the future- your dreams, your hopes, your vision for being together, that it can't actually make things worse than they already are by dredging up old baggage.

Need some inspiration? Read more about how our retreats can literally give you a new lease on life:

Here is some of what you will do and experience at our marriage retreats.

Step 1: You rediscover why you fell in love


Step 2:

You learn about why you picked each other


Step 3: You learn what’s normal


Step 4: You learn how to finally feel heard


Step 5: You recommit to a new and improved relationship

Perhaps now that seems like a lot, and it is actually a very slow and safe process that makes sense. No one is going to ask you to recommit to your partner before you actually understand why you're experiencing the conflict that you are.

The bottom line is that:
  • You dated other people. You could have married them but you didn't.
  • There's a reason you picked your spouse over everyone else.
  • We believe that means that you picked the right person not the wrong one.
  • He/she has something that YOU NEED in order to become a truly whole person.

No one gets married knowing how to be married.

We repeat what we saw our parents do.

Why not consider attending one of our marriage retreats (either group or private) so that you can de-program some of those old patterns and learn a new way of being happily married and committed to each other?

Be in touch,

Shlomo and Rivka Slatkin


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