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[Relationship Help Podcast Episode 007] Are you Recreating your Childhood?


Marriage is truly the "unfinished business" of childhood. What does that mean and how does it affect you? We are all in marriages that are going to resemble our childhoods-in obvious ways and not so obvious ways. You can hear some of the not-so obvious ways that Rivka and Shlomo figured out that they do to each other in the latest issue of our relationship help podcast.

More inspiration on how Imago therapy teaches us about how we recreate our childhoods in our marriage:

Some of you might know this already- you married someone who reminds you just of your mother, or just of your father. To some, this might come as a shock! Your spouse is nothing like your parents, or is he/she?

Even if your spouse is NOTHING like your parents, Imago relationship therapy says that we are looking to recreate our childhood experience so we can get it right this time and experience healing and growth. That means you are either going to Pick, Provoke, or Project.

If you didn't pick someone just like your parents or primary caretakers, you're not off the hook. Because that means you're either going to provoke or project onto your spouse.

Are you Provoking or Projecting onto your Spouse? Listen to our latest episode of our relationship help podcast entitled, "Can This Marriage Be Saved" to figure it out and then understand what you can do about it!

Relationship Help Podcast Episode 007- Are you Recreating your Childhood?

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