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From Me to You as an Adult Child of Divorce: Rivka's Popular Marriage Videos

by Shlomo & Rivka Slatkin / April 14, 2017


Are you an adult child of divorce? There are so many of us out there, and whether you are an adult child of divorce or not, these marriage videos will help you.

To help reach the most couples that are in need of marriage help, we created a short video sequence that you may have seen floating around on Facebook. At the end of each video, we direct you to schedule your own call with us so that we can help provide you with clarity about what's been going on your relationship.

I know for sure that the thing that was MOST impactful on my marriage life was Imago Therapy. Being an adult child of divorce, I came with lots of baggage from seeing my parent's failed marriage. Imago therapy believes that because we were hurt in relationship, we need to be healed in relationship. Marriage is that change to heal the childhood- we say it's the "unfinished business of childhood".

More inspiration about Imago Therapy:


Take us up on our offer of scheduling your private 20 minute relationship clarity phone call. They are calls for serious individuals committed to saving their marriage at all costs.

You Need Some Clarity Especially if You're An Adult Child of Divorce Trying to Have a Normal Marriage. Schedule your Personal 1 on 1 Relationship Clarity Call Now with Us. We Can Help You.

Tell me more about Imago Therapy!

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Shlomo and Rivka Slatkin

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