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How can you handle your marriage frustrations if you're SO upset??

by Shlomo & Rivka Slatkin / April 14, 2017

marriage frustrationsIt's tempting to want to lash out when you're feeling angry and experiencing marriage frustrations. And as the picture says, it's OK to be Angry but never OK to be cruel.

Watch how we handle talking about our marriage frustrations in the following video that we took for our Facebook TV Series called Public Display of Connection. It's Episode *4* of the series and although it's a dark video, stick with it as we illuminate what could have been a potentially much "darker" video!

You're going to see us model a technique called The Imago Dialogue where we use "Mirroring". These techniques are used in Imago Therapy. There's a reason why we've chosen to use the intentional dialogue when talking about a frustration, and primarily, it's to keep the environment safe and keep it from getting out of hand.

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