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How effective is Imago Therapy?

by Shlomo & Rivka Slatkin / April 14, 2017

imago therapy

No other therapy model focuses on taking action for better connection quite like Imago therapy.

Yes, other marriage tips and techniques sound great, but they don't necessarily have anything for you so that problems don't spiral out of control and you can understand what's going on underneath the surface.

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Imago also gives you a deeper insight into why you are so bothered by your partner- we believe that the truth is, it's not about what your partner is doing that is so bothersome, it's about gaining insight into why it bothers you so much so that you can take better action and grow into a better person, because most likely it is a deeper pain for you that goes all the way back to childhood.

More inspiration about Imago therapy:

Watch this short relationship tip so that you can learn how to express yourself when you are angry and upset.





Notice how Imago therapy's focus on connection- rather than trying to mediate or fix things- is going to bring you so much closer to that powerful insight that will lead you to growth and connection and true ultimate healing.


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