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Criticism of Imago Therapy

by Shlomo & Rivka Slatkin / April 14, 2017

 imago therapy

Do you have a criticism of Imago Therapy? Have you seen our videos where we use the Imago dialogue to properly hear each other? Do they seem stiff and unkind? Or caring and validating?

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While the Imago dialogue is scripted, it serves a great purpose as it slows things down, creates safety, and eliminates reactivity.

If you are living in an explosive marriage, you can understand why slowing things down and creating safety is a COMPLETE REVERSAL of what you are currently living in.


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The Imago dialogue is refreshing to you instead of dumping and being dumped on or lashed out in anger towards.

Perhaps after watching our episodes of Public Display of Connection, you may be thinking that the Imago dialogue is stiff and uncaring.

Know that the issues we chose to work out on video, are not deep seated, painful issues that go back to childhood (where much healing and growth would normally take place).

They are minor frustrations more suited to a live Facebook audience, where we typically launch those episodes.

If you haven't yet watched them, here are some links to get started :)


If we were touching on deeper pain, you would be able to see just how transformational Imago therapy can be, like in this video below.



The structure of the dialogue is the first step in the door towards feeling heard and cared for.

The fact that your partner is listening to you attentively and hearing every word, is in itself, empathy.

It isn't just about him/her just apologizing or feeling sorry, but that they are validating your very existence and that you have something important to say.

Be in touch,

Shlomo and Rivka Slatkin

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