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What advice do you have for couples that own businesses together?

couples who own business together

What's it like relationship-wise for couples that own businesses together? We work together on our marriage counseling business together and are quite familiar with both the joys and the potential tension that goes with working together and owning a business together!

More resources for couples that own business together:

The triggers hit closer to home when working with your spouse and if you don't have a good marriage it will definitely make it difficult to successfully work together. When you're working with your spouse, emotion often gets involved which is not often the case with a regular coworker.

What's the upside for couples that own businesses together?

On the flipside, the potential bond that you can develop of having a joint mission and being connected in multiple aspects of your life, especially work - which consumes a great amount of time of one's daily schedule- can be quite fulfilling!

If you feel that you would like to work together to get your marriage to a place of optimal health so that your business is not adversely affected, we would love to work with you in our 2 day private marriage retreat. It's the fastest way to achieve noticeable results.

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