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3 Types of Couples Where Marriage Counseling Usually Doesn’t Work

by Shlomo & Rivka Slatkin / April 14, 2017

marriage counseling

Marriage counseling can be helpful, but for many couples it doesn’t necessarily work, even with a good therapist. Most counseling sessions are 50 minutes a week. (If you are lucky, it might be 90 minutes.) That’s not a lot of time for  two people to talk, especially if you’re in crisis

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If you’re relationship is in crisis or in limbo, you don’t have the luxury of waiting for months to even see a glimmer of hope. You need answers immediately. You need hope that this relationship can be saved, and only then can you recommit to put in the work to do something about it.

There are 3 types of couples where marriage counseling usually doesn’t work:

  1. When there is infidelity
  2. When one spouse wants out of the marriage
  3. When you are in crisis

In the case of infidelity, you need lots of time to get to the bottom of what happened, understand the breakdown in the relationship, and discover whether the marriage can be saved. This requires intense work. Plus, the pain is so raw, it is hard to live with not having any answers for months of weekly sessions.

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When one spouse wants out of the marriage, it is scary to be in limbo. Besides having to endure the pain of not knowing the future of your relationship, it is also highly unlikely that you’ll find answers attending weekly marriage counseling sessions. It is likely to take months before you make any progress.

f you are in crisis, and not necessarily on the brink of divorce, you need an intervention now and can’t afford to wait for possible relief. Imagine having peace of mind after a day or two.

For these 3 types of couples, marriage counseling just isn’t practical. The most effective and quickest solution is a marriage retreat. A marriage retreat will provide you the clarity you are looking for in only 2 days. It will give you the answers you are searching for, and provide you with hope that your relationship can thrive. Our marriage retreats are unique in that they not only provide you with a detailed game plan one you head home to achieve maximum success, they also include 8 90 minute follow-up sessions so we can make sure that newfound hope manifests itself into long-lasting results.

Unlike marriage counseling sessions, the weekly follow-up is much more effective because we will have already removed the resistance, created newfound commitment, and increased motivation so that the weekly sessions serve to improve upon what we have already built upon.

If you are looking to transform your marriage and need answers right away, our marriage retreat may be just what you are looking for.

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